The Man With The Bloody Jacket

by Sirena

One day I was walking in the woods - I got dared to - I was walking and listening to the sticks breaking under my feet. It was 5:00 p.m. I was really scared while my dare almost ended I heard a sound.

The sound sounded like someone talking or chanting something. I might have bad ears but I was sorta positive I heard the sound. I wanted the dare to finish right this second, so bad, but right now time was not flying. Then I heard a cry behind me I turned and saw nothing. I looked at the leaves all over the floor and saw something red.

What was it? Um I just bet it's cranberry juice or something I say, so I keep walking and walking and I heard it again, the same sound, but this felt closer and I noticed the word death in it. I was thinking oh it's my imagination then I could of sworn I saw a man.

The man had a brown jacket on with ripped pants and the jacket looked like it had red on it. It kinda scared me, but the man was smiling or I think grinning and staring at me. I said "Hi how do I get out of the woods?" his reply was "you won't leave never" and grinned. I thought it's a friend playing a joke and I said "Haha really funny" but the man stared, glaring and came closer to me I then noticed his two hands were cut off. Oh no please!

I ran and kept running. My feet were aching so much I was scared, scared to death. Then I made my way out of the woods I was happy really happy then when I turned he was there glaring at me I asked "What do you want from me? Please leave me alone, please!" There was no reply then he answered, "I want..."


"What, no, please!" I said. I was guessing it was a hobo, right? I hope it was than I noticed something shiny. It was a knife, no! I cried and cried then woke up and found it was a bad dream. Then I went to change and saw the same jacket with blood! No, I said please no...


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