The Muscled Guardian

by Hugo
(Los Angeles)

First of all, I am 21 currently, but my encounter happened when I was 18. It is hard to believe what I encountered, but some things are just that way, well here it goes...

It was the fall, I went to a suburb town to visit my grandpa, there was about five houses per block. It was a sunny day and I was watching TV, when I hard something in my backyard. I thought it was a burglar so I took a gun just in case. My grandpa was out with the neighbors for the market.

I went outside sweating and nervous to what I would find. I met face to face with this old man who looked calm, last and was blind. I asked "Sir what are you doing in my backyard." Everything was silence, then he said three words quickly, and I was frozen, somehow unable to move. I could still feel myself and I knew what I was doing, still conscious but unable to move.

I pulled my trigger ready to fire but before my gun was loaded, he turned.. into a big gray monster, with chains on his back with a spiked club, and his nails grew sharp and some big and sharp teeth. I shot but it was no use. I cried for help, but no response either. He brought down my apple tree in front of me so I wont have no escape.

I thought it would be my last moments but to my surprise, he sat and began to talk. He had one eye orange and another blue. He began to exclaim in a deep voice, that was barely understandable, "I am a protector, I protect the soul of the sick or those who deserve my protection, from evil spirits and demons.." I was still trying to see how I would break loose, and I started praying in my head. He started talking again.

"During this time(fall) I am peaceful and try to help people, and manage to get people out of harm's way, my brothers and family died long time ago." He seemed very frustrated, and began to growl, and he said "But during the winter my own mind changes and I have the desire for flesh and get the enjoyment of seeing bad or evil people dead." I was about to pass out, shaking and terrified of this beast.

I decided to speak,"Sir, then how come you're visible to me and not to others? What brought you here?"

He looked over to my old neighbor's house, which had passed away years ago, him and his wife would always fight, and one day they both killed each other.... He said "I sense evil in there, has there been any paranormal activity there?"

I said with a trembling voice "some, mostly of a man's ghost."

He stood up(this is the part I'll never forget) he said in a dark,loud voice "This evil is nothing compared to what mankind will soon discover, and even I am afraid of it." He stood up, his big muscles and huge body looked terrifying. He was about to exclaim his name when my neighbor's dog came barking, and he opened a dark hole in the bottom of him and left. But before he left he said,"BEWARE".

I will never forget those words.

I was finally free and ran inside and called the cops they rushed to my house but found nothing, just pieces of hair in my yard. I asked my neighbors if they saw anything or heard anything, one said he saw me by myself in my yard with no one...

I guess the monster left without a trace... I will never forget him and his words... they still terrify me...

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