The Mystic Wood Ghost

When I was in elementary school we, the group of kids of my age, went to a a youth hostel for the weekend just as an out of school life. So when we arrived there we settled in our rooms and went to a kids party.

A few girls from our group came back to us very dumbfounded. They said that the wood sculpture of a young girl that was far away near the gates when we arrived now moved and standing in front of the door of our house that we were staying in. We all ran outside to look and it was there. They didn't lie. But me and other kids were a bit skeptical as we didn't notice that sculpture at all when we arrived. So we thought that those girls were making a drama out of nothing.

But the next morning we woke up and the wood girl was still there but it was closer to our door and it was looking at the different direction. That was weird. The boys tried to see if it was possible to move it or turn around. But it wasn't. It was completely grown into the ground.

Than when we touched her chest the place where the heart is supposed to be was way warmer than the rest of it's body. It was just standing there very close to our door looking somewhere behind the house. And it was winter and very snowy.

Then we discovered that there was a wood grandma under the snow at the spot where that girl was looking at. No idea what it was. There also a few weird thing happened during the night and after but I don't know if they are connected so I won't tell them.

If somebody has experienced something alike or has a clue what it could be please tell me because I'm still confused.

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