The Night I Was Home Alone!

by Maria

It was a Saturday night and my parents were out partying. I was all alone so I decided to watch a movie in the dark around 11:00. Before I started the movie I locked all the doors and windows. As I was watching the movie I heard something scratching on the window and tapping on the wall in my room, so I got up went in my room and checked everything out... Nobody. Nothing. It was empty...

So I went to my mom's and dad's room and got my dad's golf club. I went all around the house and checked it out. Still. Nobody. Nothing.

So I went back to watch the movie and then I heard this loud screaming in my kitchen. I grabbed the golf club, and went to check it out for like the 4th time. And I went in the kitchen and before I knew it I had a vase flying at my head. I ducked and it missed me. Then I started screaming and the cabinet doors slung open and all the plates and cups came towards me. As I'm writing this there has been sharp objects at me so if i don't fini

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