The Night of the Dead

by Khadijah
(Washington, DC)

One midnight on October 31 I went to a party with my friends. We were playing with ghosts and spells.

That midnight when we were on our way home my friend was driving and we saw this cemetery. We got out the car and went into the cemetery. I saw a man in a black coat look at me dead in my eye. He got closer and closer and every time he got closer it was harder for me to breathe. Then it just went away.

My friend and I went to the middle of the cemetery. She had always wanted to be a vampire and she had said this spell...

Oh goddess of the darkness
mother to the immortal
let me be reborn as your child
let your light absorb my own

Allow me passage to the darkness
as from your immortal womb
into the arms of your children
to whom I will call brother

Oh moonlight
let me be reborn as your child
guide the dark ones to me
so I shall be born again.

...and I never heard from her again.

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