The Old Cabin

by Bethan

It was the winter of 20/11/2009. A couple of friends and I were taking a walk through our local country park one evening and we went off the public foot path and were walking for about an hour until there was no life, no houses or anything... As we carried on walking we knew it was going to be dark pretty soon so we wandered until we came to an old cabin. It looked abandoned and scary. The cabin windows were smashed, the wood was all rotte and cob webs were everywhere. I was tempted to go inside but something in the pit of my stomach wasn't right. All my friends where pushing one another to go in and eventually we all did.

I knew something wasn't right as we took our first step towards the door. It opened itself! Freaked out I backed away and let the others enter. They were saying it was the wind... it was cold but there wasn't even a breeze in the air. I was all alone outside the cabin so I decided to follow behind slowly.

All of the sudden the door SLAMMED behind us. I ran towards it but it wouldn't budge. We were all in this cabin thinking someone was playing a trick on us cause it was not believable so we got the door open and for some reason I had the urge to run as fast as i could. So I did. I RAN and so did my friends. As we all looked back there was a human shaped shadow following us!

I couldn't breathe. I was getting very scared as this thing was still chasing us. We ran and we all finally came to a place we knew. Thank God it was our local stables and even the horses where cantering and bucking. They knew there was something there, not just me.

We came to the path leading towards our houses. We all said we would go back to my house and look up a haunting in a cabin on Google. Apparently a man had hung himself in that cabin because children would torment him. That's why he chased us away. I would do the same too.

Thank you for reading my story and by the way it's 100% TRUE.

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