The Old Woman With No Eyes

by jerry

First of all I am in my 50s and not prone to tell someone a bullshit story that I am about to tell you. I am single and live by myself and never believed in or witnessed any paranormal activity until this event.

I came home from work, had something to eat and kicked back in my recliner and watched some TV. After some time passed I dozed off. Upon wakening I barely cracked my eyes and saw something moving in front of me about two feet from the end of my feet. As I opened my eyes there in front of me was an old white haired woman wearing a baby blue long over coat with some small evenly spaced figures on it that I could not make out. She moved from my left to right and turned as she moved. I looked at her starting at the bottom of her coat up to her face and saw she had no eyes - just two black spots where here eye sockets are.

As she turned she realized I was looking at her and I was not scared of her. I believe she was more scared of me than I was of her and I saw her open her mouth it was blackness inside.

Then I began to hear a noise, a fizzing noise like when you pour a coke in a glass of ice. I looked down at the bottom of her coat and saw bubbles. She was disintegrating into bubbles and the bubbles were bursting. Before these bubbles burst I could see the reflection of her coat in the bubbles. She completely disintegrated and I could see a small cloud of black smoke and then it was gone.

This whole event took about 20 seconds.

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