The Old Woman

by robert smith

I am single and live alone. I came home from work one evening and was tired and decided to watch some TV. So I'm kicked back in my recliner and fall asleep watching TV. After a while I wake up, just cracking my eyelid a little to see whats on the TV, and I see something baby blue with some design evenly spaced on the object but transparent in front of me.

As I open my eyes wider and scan this object in front of me I look higher and see a white haired old woman with her eyes blacked out. Apparently she does not realize I am looking right into her face. But when she realizes I am looking at her her mouth opens also and there is nothing but blackness inside her.

For some reason I was not scared of this entity because she looked very much like my mother who's in her 80s.

Anyway, at this point when she realizes I see her and she seems more scared than me.

I start hearing a fizzing noise and I am looking for where this noise is coming from and I look down and see she is disintegrating into little bubbles and the bubbles are bursting from the bottom up. She totally fizzed out and there was some black smoke and then it was gone.

I told myself no one would every believe this. And I ask myself what the hell did I just see. And I question if there was an elderly woman who may have died in this house I am living in.

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