The Ouija Board Is No Joke

by Betty

This happened in 1986. I was 16 years old when it happened. My boyfriend at the time (he is dead now) died 6 years ago he was 37 when he died in a tragic car accident on the highway. Well he was a couple years younger than me. Well he would always do and say things to scare me cause he thought it was funny when I got scared.

So one day he told me a story about the Ouija board. He said if you burn the Ouija board at night at a certain time you would hear all the souls screaming and crying. I wasn't scared of the story cause I didn't believe it. It was just a game, and was thinking if it was that evil why would they sell it in stores? I asked his cousin and he said it was true, and also said "He" had one. I don't remember whose house we were at but his cousin brought the Ouija over and asked if we wanted to play, and I was like "Yeah".

Well we tried playing it, but the pointer never moved. Then he said you can't ask it stupid questions like if you're gonna win lotto or am I pretty - stuff like that - so we started asking different questions. It still didn't work. We tried a couple times after that, his cousin said we had to have someone who was serious or it wouldn't work so I asked my then boyfriend's mother who also died years ago at the age of 46. She was like "No!"

Then she starts telling me a story about two young girls who played with it. She said they were getting attacked while they were sleeping at night and they would wake up with bad scratches and bruises on them. I still didn't believe.

So about the third try it worked. I asked it's name and it wrote 'Captain Soho' and I asked how old he was but it just spelled out 1898, then we asked more questions then it just stopped. So I'm thinking it's my boyfriend doing it just to make me believe so we just stopped.

So now months go by and he always had friends over to the house, well his mother's house, so I asked his cousin to bring it over. Cause I asked Jeff if he'd want to play it and he was game. Now this guy Jeff was insane - he would stick thick needles into his skin all the way through and was not afraid of anything, but was really nice to his girlfriends. So there were three of us playing - Jeff, myself, and my boyfriend. We tried to get a hold of Captain Soho, but nothing.

We tried for a while then all of a sudden the pointer started moving and I'm asking each of them are they doing it, they both said "No". So I start asking questions like who was going to have a long life and who wasn't, I asked about my grandmother and myself it said we were going to have long lives. I asked if Jeff and my boyfriend and my boyfriend's mother it said no for them, so my boyfriend gets up and leaves.

So then I ask when we were going to die and then the board just stopped. Then I get up and start saying it was fake and I don't believe you and I start walking away until I hear Jeff moaning. So I turned around and looked at Jeff and his eyes are rolled up in his head and he's like having convulsions and sweating. I'm yelling at him to stop because he was scaring me, I looked at the pointer and it's going crazy fast on the board - going side to side and going around in circles and I'm screaming for Jeff to stop.

So now I'm just looking at the board to see if it spells out anything. What it spelled scared the living shit out of me. It first wrote "DIE" then it wrote the number of the beast which I know everyone knows what that number is then it called me a whore. I am screaming for my boyfriend, he comes in the room and he sees Jeff and not just me and my boyfriend saw him. Then in a instant he's normal again he said he didn't remember anything, which I believe cause Jeff wasn't looking down at the Ouija when it was spelling. Not only that but you can't go as fast as it did and land on the exact letter you want and it spelled it out super quick.

Well a week later I ended up getting into car accident in another town. I have scars on my face to prove it and my friend got hurt really bad that was driving. Then a week after my accident my boyfriend got into one. Then a few weeks later Jeff committed suicide. He hung himself. Well he was dead for 15 minutes and they somehow brought him back to life but for not having oxygen for so long he was brain dead so it's like he was dead. I think he died a few years after that. He was in his late twenties when he died.

I'm the only one left that played with it that day. A lot of things happened to me over the years coming close to death. I even tried to commit suicide. I died for three minutes and they brought me back. They told my family I might be brain dead when I woke up, that I wasn't going to be the same person before I did it. I woke up a day or two later after they took the tubes out of me, the doctors couldn't believe it. They asked questions and I answered all of them. I didn't have any signs of brain damage. The doctors were amazed. I never played ever again, that's when I started having nightmares.

So the Ouija board isn't a joke or just a game. It's another way to release the lost or evil spirits into our World.

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