The Pillow That Saved My Life

by David Collier
(Bakersfield California)

The story I am going to tell happened to me when I was about 5 years old. My family was living in a large three bedroom house in Bakersfield California.

I had fallen asleep in my older sister's bed and at some point late in the night I was awoken by a strange tapping sound coming from my room down the hallway. I got out of bed and went in to my room to see what the noise was. Upon entering my room I experienced the strangest and most scary thing in my entire life. As I walk into my room I instantly find the source of the tapping, on top of my dresser is a hand; just a hand no body just an all white hand and about three or four inches of the arm.

In its thumb and four finger it was grasping a metal slammer of mine (a slammer is a round game piece from a popular kids game from the 1990s called pogs) and its tapping it on the wooden dresser. I had never been so scared ever. Then it seems like it notices me and it jumps down on the floor and runs at me.

I run to the other side of my bed and instantly my closet door flies open and a pair of legs wearing my swim trunks come running out after me. I jump and scramble over my bed and start running down the hallway. Just as it seemed like they were going to catch me a pillow - a freaking pillow - flying through the air swooped under my butt and picked me up in the air.

The pillow was made of gold sparkly matter, had a tassle at each corner, and I could see through it. As it picked me up time seem to go a thousand times slower. I could see the pillow in slow motion fly over the top of me and swoop me up.

The pillow was beautiful and heavenly. As soon as I became aware of it I had no fear of what I had seen whatsoever. It flew me down the hallway and into my sister's bed. It layed me down right next to my sister and instantly I am under the covers and staring up at the pillow as it disintegrates slowly in front of my eyes.

It took me a few days before I told any of my family members about this but my sister who was about ten or eleven at the time vividly remembers the little golden pillow flying me into to my room. I have no idea why those events happened to me when I was young, but I am glad I can now share them with the world.

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