The Presence

by Andie

I've always been interested in mythology but never really Ghosts or Spirits, being a christian I know we have spirits but I never understood how real they could be. I've heard quite a few stories from friends, one of which sensed a presence in our house and had a frightening one when she was younger. Our friend Jenny has what you may call a power to sense spirits. We've only known her for a few years but she's told us multiple stories.

One night when she was younger she was going to sleep, after she had fallen asleep she woke up with an almost haunting feeling over her. When she looked at the end of her bed there was an old frail woman standing there. She slept with the light on for a few weeks trying to get the image out of her head. When she next turned the light off she turned in her bed and the woman was next to her.

Jenny's son also saw what Jenny believed to be a ghost or well, a friendly one, but Jenny can not sense it, so whether it is his imagination, only time will tell.

Stay with me for a while longer, this next story is about my mother...

A long time ago when she was young, she moved into a new house with her parents only to be confronted with whispers once she woke up. Since it runs on my Mother's side to be Christian (and has been passed to me, sadly not my Half brother, Sister or Full Brother) they prayed to be rid of the spirits or Demons and they were.

Now to my story, I haven't, to be honest, got much to tell on the beliefs side. I'm a Christian Other-kin (Wolf/Dog) who has to be honest never had a supernatural encounter. The only demons I've come in contact with is my own sins, but I still have a story.

One of our friends had a son who said he sees ghosts, and is scared to move around at night because of them. So one day Jenny went round to see if she could sense them. There were none, she concluded. It was figured it must of been the lad's learning disability, Jenny then turned to my Mother and said your house has, so there, it may explain the feelings I have felt before.

So that's my family and friends' stories. Any thoughts and any more Other-kin out there, I personally only know two others.

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