The Presents of Macokagain Lake

by JayLynnNate.
(ForthopeOntario. )

Macokagain Lake. 3 hours away by boat from the reservation Eabametoong First Nation (FortHope) Ontario.

My great grandfather Eli Baxter grew up there as a child, he just recently passed away. He grew to be up to 89 years old.

He had told me some stories, which freaked me out a little, but I still listened. I have been there several times. bit he had grown up there, and lived in a cabin with his wife who passed away in 2002. I am telling this story at 14 years of age, and I want to pass on my grandfather's story.

One early morning, before the sun was shining, the sky was blue. He had gone outside to make a fire to cook breakfast for him and his wife. He gathered the firewood, and was about to set the flame, but he noticed a little girl and a woman washing up down by the shore.

He yelled "Hey! What are you doing here?"

The young girl and woman quickly got up and ran into the bush and disappeared into a tree. He instantly thought he was going crazy, but his wife told him she had witnessed the same experience.

But they showed no fear. They were a little concerned but they were okay... the end.

So what he was basically saying is that someone had passed away in the woods and is now lurking there.

Hope you like the story! :)

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