The Property

by Charlotte

When I was a child my grandparents owned a piece of land out in east Texas in a place called Reklaw, which was a burial ground for the unfortunate people who walked the path on the Trail of Tears. I had many encounters with levitating dolls and spirits speaking but nothing ever compared to the creature.

It first attacked me in front of my father by grabbing my feet and carrying me up a hill so steep that you would have to be on your hands and knees just to climb to the first few trees. After it brought me up the hill I saw it, a zombie like creature with teeth and dark red eyes, as I tried to get away from it the forest seemed to move and grab the creature forcing it into their roots.

Afraid for my safety my father never allowed me out there by myself ever again, I was only 7 and my father saw it too though he is gone now he could never speak of what we saw without a Bible in hand.

The second encounter happened when I was 9, and my sister and grandparents went to the store which was 10 miles away. I remember seeing them leave, but a knock came on the door. I opened it and there they stood outside and told me that we were going for a walk. Excited I immediately went without thinking, and after we hit the first clearing is when I realized, my sister wasn't there. I kept trying to talk them into going back but they kept trying to get me into a dark part of the forest. Then I saw a cougar, an unusual animal for the area, and then my grandparents were gone. I followed the cougar at a distance and realized that it was leading me back to the house. After I arrived back at the house my grandparents and sister we're calling for me, I told them about the cougar and my grandfather looked for hours but never found any tracks of Any animal, not even wolves which were common to the area.

Finally at 11 I was outside of the house, after the last experience I was more careful. I was riding my bike where my grandmother could see me if I got hurt, but it wasn't enough. I got too close to the edge of the hill and stopped to get off, but something grabbed the handle bars and drove me down the hill. I hit a tree and felt like something was on top of me, I was fading away. Something started calling my name, screaming at me to breathe. I said "I can't I hurt too much", to which it responded "I won't let you die!".

I immediately was able to take a breath and it hurt so bad, that giving birth hurt less. When I looked up at the tree, which was alive when I hit it, was dead and rotting.

I never went back to that property and I never will! Whatever I first encountered tried to kill me and I don't ever want to test any spirits power ever again.

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