The Rag Doll

by Brianna

creepy Rag doll

creepy Rag doll


One day a mother went to a voodoo shop and got her daughter a doll. She brought it home to her daughter. Her daughter loved it very much, and slept with it that night. The little girl laid her new doll beside her on her bed as she lay down to sleep. Later that night she was awoken by a sound. It sounded like someone was walking down the stairs. She went to pick up her doll when she realized that the doll was gone.

She slowly opened the door, walked slowly down the hall and peered around and down the staircase. There sitting on the steps was her new doll. "How did you get there?" Asked the little girl. The little girl went and picked up the doll and brought her back to her room. She laid back down with the doll beside her and went back to sleep.

3 hours later she heard the same sound. She noticed that her doll was gone again. She walked down the hall, and there sitting halfway down the steps, was her doll again. "How did you get there?" Asked the little girl again. She walked down the steps, grabbed her doll, and proceeded to her room. She laid back in her bed with her doll sitting beside her.

Later that same night she heard the sound a third and final time, with her doll again missing. This is very strange. The little girl thought to herself. She walked out of her room looked down the stairs, no one was there. Not even her doll. She walked down the stairs. She went around the corner into the kitchen. The knife drawer was open. She went to her parents bedroom to tell them what she had saw. Leading out of her parents bedroom were red, bloody footprints. They were rather small. Even smaller than hers.

She went into her parents room to ask what had happened but her parents weren't in their room. She followed the foot steps. They led her outside where on a tree hung her dead parents. In front of them was her doll sitting on he ground. Next to the doll was a bloody knife.

The little girl fell to her knees and started sobbing. Then, the unimaginable happened... The doll stood up, smiled and said, "Don't be sad little girl, soon you will be with them and you won't have to be sad anymore."

What do you mean?" Replied the little girl.

The doll bent down slowly, grabbed the knife, and ran at the little girl. The little girl's screams echoed through the neighborhood. All the neighbors awoke, but the little girl was nowhere to be found. All they found was a note lying on the ground. The note read,

"To whom is reading this, the little girl is fine. All she wanted was to be with her parents once again, and her wish was granted. If you wish you could see one of your loved ones again just walk inside the front door and i will grant your wish. Sincerely, The little girl's best friend."

Some say that if you listen real carefully you can still hear her shrill cries for help. The little girl's death, along with her neighbors' as well, are still a mystery to this day. So remember, if your mom ever goes to a small shop in the middle of nowhere to get you a doll, just tell her you want a pony instead. It may save you some trouble. :)

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