The Rake

by Jesse Frank
(Varysburg NY)

I figure I might as well talk about these scary events happening to me, especially since it doesn't know how to read.

Every night for the past week, week and a half, this thing keeps showing up at the side of my bed every night that I have a bad dream, which is every night. It all started when I told my parents about this thing I've heard about on the Internet. This thing had a body much like a naked man and has started showing up at people's beds for about 300 years. It would stalk them every night and watch them sleep. This might sound crazy but, I think I'm being stalked by the Rake.

On the third day of me waking up to it next to my bed, it told me its name was the Rake, then it did something weird. Something I never heard of the rake doing. It somehow knocked me out and made me dream about all of the scary things that have ever happened to me.

When I woke up, it told me if I ever told anyone about these encounters, it would kill anything I loved, then torture me into a slow painful death. But the weirdest thing was that the words he spoke weren't in English, it was some weird language that I've never heard before. Kinda like a gargle-like high pitched stuttering noise, yet somehow I could understand everything he was saying.

One night when I knew he was going to come, I recorded the brutal words he said, and the next morning when I listened to them, it was this really high pitched fuzzy noise that was very irritating. Anyway, I figure no one will believe me if I ever told them, so I decided to record this to myself.

So far, I'm afraid for my 12 year old life.

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