The Room From My Nightmare

by Emily
(Ontario Canada)

When I was a little kid (about 4 years old) I started having this recurring nightmare. It would always start with me entering a strange room with a cement floor and two walls on the sides, with a pile of dirt in the place of the third wall. I would look around and find a small red ball in the dirt, then a girl who looked about 7 years old and had dark hair would come out of the dirt and we would play.

Sometimes if I got far into the dream she would start to get angry and try to hurt me. I was really afraid of her when I was younger, but the nightmare stopped occurring as often and I forgot about her.

After my parents separated when I was 3 my dad moved into my grandmother's basement, and we stayed down there on weekends. I was always uncomfortable being alone down there, and was very happy a few years later when he got an apartment and I didn't have to sleep there anymore.

My grandparents basement was not an original part of the house, it had been added on by the previous owner. The house had been build with a mud room/ cellar accessible from under the porch. The basement was connected to this room with a locked door. I had never been in this room before, me and my sister actually used to cover the space under the door with towels because we were afraid of whatever was behind that door.

When I was 12 years old (I am now 15) my grandmother asked me to help her get some things out of the basement for a yard sale. What she really wanted me to do was get things out of the mud room. She unlocked the door and I walked around a corner and found myself in the room from my nightmares, staring at that wall of dirt. I burst out crying and ran upstairs. I have never been in that basement since.

I always felt strange in the basement and near the stairs, and 3 or 4 times while sleeping on the couch in her living room I have seen orbs appear at the top of the stairs, float down the hall and back and disappear. The old lazy dog freaks out when this happens. I really feel like that little girl could be down there...

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