The Room

It was in the summer of 1997 when I was eight years old. My parents had recently died in a tornado that happened while they were on vacation, and my older brother, my twin and I had moved to the poor side of the city due to financial difficulties.

My twin brother and I shared a bedroom upstairs while my older brother/guardian had a bedroom in the basement. All was great for the first few months, I made new friends, went to a new school, and was now old enough to walk the streets. But after my brother became ill, I was left with my twin and grandparents. Considering I had the largest bed in the home, I was forced to sleep in the basement where my ill brother slept. It was the first night when I noticed something odd.

Every 10 minutes, a cold draft would come in from the right, but the only window was to the left. The second night, the draft would come in every 5 minutes. But the third night, the draft was constant and there was a high pitched whistle following it. I was starting to become very suspicious and a little frightened, so I slept on the floor of my old room. I explained to my grandparents the incident and they allowed me to sleep on the floor if I was ever frightened. So I did. For the next 3 weeks.

Finally I decided to go back to the room. But that night was the worst of all. At about 1 in the morning, I heard a soft whisper calling out the name Randy (my older brother's name) and my bed started to shake. I heard voices in my head telling me there were reasons for my brother's illness. Over and over again I heard the same thing. Until I finally collapsed.

I remember waking up in the hospital bed, my hand in Randy's and him telling me he loves me. 2 hours later he was killed in a fatal car accident involving only his car. To this day I don't know what was meant by "there is reasons for your brother's illness" but I still believe it was connected to his final moments.

My twin and I had to move in with my grandparents and left our home. Literally 2 months later, a little boy, 2 years old, was found dead in that same room.

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