The Scariest Day Of My Life

by Shelby

One night when I was 14 I had the scariest experience of my life. I had just finished up a fun movie night with my friend and it was time for me to head home. My house was only 4 blocks away so I walked home by myself that night. We had different locks on my front and back door so I had to walk around into my backyard as I only had the key for that door. My parents always left the light on for me so the yard was well lit for when I came home every night.

As I got into the back yard I close the gate behind me and all the sudden I heard snickering. I had no idea where it was coming from so I stood there for a minute and just listened. I heard it again and realized that it wasn't coming from the yard, it was coming from above me!

I walked out into the yard a bit and turned and looked up at the top of my roof. It was a gargoyle! We did not have gargoyles on my house so I was confused and stood there for a bit staring at it. After about 20 seconds his eyes stared to light up and they were red. It started snickering and laughing at me, started yelling my name pointing at me yelling. "Shelby, Shelby! I see you, hahahahaha!" I was so scared I couldn't even move! Typing this right now is making me tear up and shiver!

All the sudden it turned around and climbed to the top of my roof and jumped onto my neighbour's house then onto the next house and the next. I ran inside balling my eyes out and couldn't sleep for months!

Till this day I still cant sleep sometimes at night because I think about it ... How did it know my name? What did it want? How did it know where I lived? Where did it go and was it coming back? I have experienced MANY paranormal activities but nothing compares to how scary that night was. Want did it want with me?

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