The Shadow Men

by Jay

I have always been a firm believer in the occult, I have always believed that there are things out there I haven't seen that have power not considered normal. I believe that recently I was proved right.

It had been an odd day in terms of the mystic and I returned to my room and turned on my lights to see a shadow. It was a shadow that stayed still and did not leave even though I had turned the lights on and off. It was about 3 inches shorter than me as well as being more oval shaped though the edges were not clear cut and seemed to be moving though that might have just been me. It remained for about 45 seconds before it moved very quickly past me out the door.

I did some research after that and I believe it was a Shadow Person. The Shadow Men or Shadow People are supposedly creatures of darkness and death, in theory they were the shades and spirits of the dead. They were supposedly very difficult to see most of the time, usually only out of the corner of your peripheral vision or in a fleeting glance. There have been reports of people on there death beds ranting, raving, and moaning about the "shades" or the "shadow people" approaching and coming for them. I don't know if what I saw was a Shadow Man or not, but I saw what I saw and will keep trying to find more.

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