The Shadow People

by Sonnyboy

Back when I was only about 10-11 years old some strange things started to happen around my house. They weren't common occurrences, but the few times that they did happen they were too real and too terrifying to be ignored.

Firstly both my parents said that they woke up in the middle of the night from something yanking on their arms so hard it felt like their arms would pop out; they didn't know what it was nor see what it was but soon I would. I started to become very sick a couple of weeks after this, it lasted for almost a month and had no symptoms of a cold or flu I just felt bad. Finally when I was starting to get better I found myself alone one day, so I thought I'd go play Runescape on the computer(a popular game at the time.) It was on an older computer with a glass screen which when off reflected back like a mirror almost. (Here's where it get's terrifying.)

I sat down and looked at the screen, hesitating for a second before I turned it on. I could see the area behind me in the screen lit up by the dining room table's small chandelier,and behind that my parent's bedroom door that someone left open, at this moment I thought to myself "that would be scary if I saw something behind me right now." and immediately after this, just as I was about to turn my gaze, I saw something that still scares me to think about. A black hooded grim reaper like entity levitating off the ground and with its arms locked straight out came shooting out of my parent's bedroom, turned sharply towards me and moved up til it was right behind me; so fast that I didn't have time to react.

I could see on the now darkening screen its arms reaching for me. I couldn't breathe or move, with all my might I tried to lean which led to me falling out of my chair. I could see that the chandelier light went out and the creature disappeared. I took a deep breath of much needed air and ran to the phone to call my mom who was the last to leave, in the hope she'd come back but no one answered. So I went to the nearest corner and waited on the verge of tear's until I was not alone.

I never saw it again thankfully, but someone else in my family did. Just 3 years ago when I was 15 I was on the phone talking to my cousin when suddenly he stopped talking, I heard the phone drop then him crying. I shouted his name thinking he could have had his house broken into or something. He hung up then called back in a few minutes to tell me he walked out in to his hall and to his right saw the same thing that I did just a few feet away. I thought it strange since I never told him that story so it couldn't be a prank or something. I looked this thing up online and people have been known to call these evil entities shadow people. (THIS IS ALL TRUE.)

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