The Silhouette Event

by Normal guy

First let me start off by saying that I am the most skeptical and logic oriented person you will ever meet. Also I'm sorry to say, but I think half the stories here are bullshit, especially since a lot of them are by 15 year olds. Sorry just had to make the point that I'm not seeking attention or anything I just feel like I should tell this story.

I'm 24 I work security at the mall and go to school for my computer science degree. I live in a 3 bedroom house with my parents, brother and sister and our family chihuahua. I'm a normal guy. You cant pick me out of a crowd by either looks or personality. But the night 3 months ago was anything but normal. That's when the event I like to call the "The silhouette event" occurred.

It was a normal night like any other. I was in my room watching inappropriate adult videos and TV comedy shows before collapsing on my twin bed for the night. As my eyes began to close and my body began to succumb to my weariness the weirdest thing happened to me. I could not move, as soon as my eyes fully closed my body became paralyzed as if an extreme toxin had entered my body. I was fully aware and conscious about everything around me with my eyes closed however I could not open my eyes. I remember I was really tired so I just brushed it off and tried to go to sleep, but that is when I felt it.

That feeling you get when someone is on your bed, usually its your significant other crawling into bed and waking you or your kids coming to your side during the night. Be it who it may you usually can tell whether its someone heavy or light. Well in this instance what I felt was something unusually light, something too light to even be a child let alone another adult. My first thought was that it was probably my pet chihuahua Baby. I knew I was not paying enough attention earlier that night to whether or not Baby entered the room before I closed the door for the night so it could be him, I thought. I knew he liked to sleep on top of my dirty laundry next to my bed sometimes, so maybe he decided to jump on my bed.

All this time however my reasoning was -in fact- being overpowered by this crippling fear and desperation. I was scared, I was horrified, I wanted to open my eyes to prove to myself my dog just wanted to sleep with me but I could not. The footsteps seemed to slowly come closer towards my face very slowly, as if being cautious. Now why would my hyperactive puppy who loves me be cautious to approach me and not his usual lick and jump first, questions later self? He wouldn't.

My fear exponentially increased and desperation gripped me as I struggled in vain to open my eyes. I screamed in my head "Move! Move damn it!" but my body did not listen. It was in those few but horrifying seconds that I heard it, not in my ears but in my mind, a loud echoing voice screaming "Check!" In that instant I opened my eyes wide, gained control of my body and scoured the bed for anything, but found nothing. Nothing in the bed at least. As I looked up there it stood.

It stood in front of my door facing me. It was tall enough to touch the ceiling if it tiptoed. It had wings that were bright and shadow at the same time, they seemed sharp but old, raggedy even. The rest of it had a human like shape. Its face was blank, nothing to make out.I knew there was more to it but I had no way of seeing it the bright shadow made only the shape visible. What I could make out was only by all definitions a silhouette.

I looked at it without fear, even though it was something straight out of an HP Lovecraft horror story, it made me feel safe. A haze of sleepiness overpowered me even though my heart had been racing and I had previously lost all sleep. The sight of this creature soothed me into a kind of trance I cannot explain. I could only look at it for a couple more seconds before I collapsed.

I woke up the next morning just fine and remembered everything that happened. I really wish I had an explanation because this shit basically turns my world upside down.

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