The Sleep Over Gone Wrong

by Caitlyn Byrd
(Lacey, WA, USA)

Me and my friends were making videos on You Tube, when my mother said it was time for dinner. We went to the Rock Wood Fired Pizza and Spirits restaurant for dinner.

I remember this very clearly, since this just happened last night for my Twelfth birthday. When we came home, we were just goofing off having toasts at the dinner table, and all of my friends wished me good karma and blessed me. Then all of the hair on my right arm pricked up, and I heard whispering in my right ear. I couldn't move my arm, as if someone were holding my arms still. I screamed and cried as a voice that sounded like some sort of weirdo language whispered in my ear. Even though this sounds totally unbelievable, this has happened to me more than once, five times actually. Once at my friends house for her birthday party, another time when I was at a museum for the Greek gods or something like that. That memory was very fuzzy, because I was in kindergarten then. The other memories are to horrid to describe.

Well anyways, when we were finished, my friend asked me what the voice said. I told her that I couldn't pronounce it, but I can spell it. When I tried to write it out in English, my hand jerked into a frenzy and I scribbled out something that looked like this: Προσοχή . When I saw the letters, I cried until I finally got an idea. I ran to my copy machine and had my mom scan it (I'm not good with technology). My friends said that it meant beware, in Greek.

What was I suppose to beware of? Every time that happened to me, it said the same thing: beware, in Greek.

Later that night, we were getting ready for bed. We brushed our teeth and put on the bed sheet. We all stayed up playing Uno, until eleven-thirty, and went to bed.

Then at three in the morning, my dog started barking and growling at the entertainment center, which just so happened to have the sound of music, specifically Mozart, who one of my friends had notice to turn on by itself. Then we heard whimpering, definitely my dog who wanted to go inside my room. I opened my bedroom door and my dog ran into my room, tail between his legs still whimpering. I woke up my friends and told them that something is out there. Jillian, one of my friends, was suddenly alert, because she was the only one who really knew my problem, which I'm not sharing with any body but her, since she has the same secret.

My other friend Alexis, was still snoring and we had to leave her there, in fear that we might be heard.

I stepped into the loft and nobody was there. I grabbed my friends hand and tried to take her down stairs, but she wouldn't budge. I looked at Jillian and she pointed at the computer. The computer was playing more Mozart and we ran back into my room.

"That's not a ghost." said Jillian, "It's a warning" I said. I remember the shape of the figure. It was a shimmer in the air like mist. It looked like a man, that was glowing a golden aura. It's presence felt powerful and ancient. Something that I couldn't understand that was that strong was almost enough to make me go mad, but the presence of the image seemed peaceful, like it wasn't going to hurt me. OMG I can feel breathing on my shoulder as I type these very words. I'm looking over my shoulder right now. Nobody is there. I'm going to try to type the rest of my story.

As I was saying, we ran into my room and shut the door. We tried to sleep that night but I kept hearing footsteps right outside our door, it sounded like somebody was pacing back and forth waiting for us. The image outside was already enough. It was horrible, yet so glorious, and powerful.

The following morning, the whispering in my ear and the hair being pricked up on my arm happened again (Which was actually this morning). And it didn't happen again until I was in the middle of writing this story.

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