The Soul

by Lia

When Thera was 14 years old she started to have dreams about spirits. She was able to speak to them in dreams. Most of the time time she was afraid of it. Then one day she saw a dream of something special and thus it was not just a dream for her. When she opened her eyes she was in a beautiful garden with flowers and trees of a special type. No one was there or may be she was unable to see it. It was cloudy with the snow falling. She heard something very fast coming towards her.

In no time she saw him in front of her holding her hands. He was really cold. She stared into his eyes and his sea-blues eyes looked breathlessly into hers. She felt something special in her eyes. He was more beautiful than anyone she had saw. She was afraid and tried to take off her hands from him but he was very strong.

I said him to let me go. He said that "you are mine". The voice seemed familiar to her. The very thought shocked her and realized that it was her first and last love which she had lost in a car accident 2 years ago. But his appearance changed a lot. He said he want her and he came closer to her and she saw her fangs as he smiled. With out any more words she felt his fangs on her neck.

The pain awakened her. She was in her room all alone. She looked in the mirror saw a mark, almost a bite. She came to me and said she's feeling weird and something is wrong. I said everything will be fine and she promised me to come early in our usual place with my gift on my Birthday. But on the next day I waited a long time for her but she never came. No one saw her.

Yesterday was my B'day and in my dream I saw her and......

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