The Soul

by Lia

One day I was coming back home and saw a man who seemed to be waiting for someone. When I passed him he whispered my name. I turned and he came towards me and gave me a chain and a piece of paper. I read it and it was written that I should wear it. It was really beautiful that I wore it.

In the night I saw the color of the stone in the chain turning into red. The next day it again turned into blue. When I looked into the mirror, the color of my iris also changed just like the stones. I was afraid & told my mom to take a look but she said it's the same color you always had. Then I realized that I can only see it.

I tried to take it off from me but I saw my reflection in the mirror changed. The same stranger appeared there. I was shocked and tried to move but I was unable to move. He looked into my eyes and said that "You belongs to us not in the earth so say goodbye to everyone I'll come tomorrow to take you. Be ready AND..." Suddenly my friends came and he disappeared. I'm afraid to stay in my home. Can any tell why this is happening to me and please help if you can....

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