The Statue In My Sleep

by Elsa

This is all true I swear I am now 14 but this day still haunts me...

Ok so my two best friends Ellie and Anna came over on a Monday, the day was so nice and bright with sunshine and everything, my mum thought we should go to the Park Club which is a club were you do sports. Mum thought of that so that by the time we would get into bed we would be exhausted!

We were all 10 except for Ellie, she was 9. For dinner mum made spaghetti and we all ate it really quickly because we wanted to have everything ready for THE BEST SLEEPOVER (not true). Have I described my friends to you? No? Then listen. Anna was quite grown up she loved telling ghost stories but only in the morning, and Ellie is quite cheeky and funny a bit childish.

Anyway we had our midnight feast and had built a little den in my bedroom. We were all just gossiping about all the students in our class we were having such a good time, until... Ellie had almost gone to sleep Anna and I were still awake chatting but is this happens to you please tell me. We heard things not voices but like clunks and brooks that's what the sound sounded like. Mum was asleep but her room was at the very top of the house. Anna started to freak out until it stopped, I zipped open the door and found nothing except a on the floor was a piece of clay in the shape of a hand.

As Ellie was waking up my drawer for some reason opened up and hit Anna on the head! Ellie remembered she hadn't brushed her teeth so we all went to the bathroom. I have a weird statue of a woman in my bathroom and we all tested and pretended that she was a real person catching us until when Ellie had come. She was pretending to fall down and make the statue catch her but then the POWER CUT! Ellie wasn't caught by the statue actually the statue was at the other end of the room!

Anna and I ran and Ellie tried to follow but couldn't get out of the room as the door was LOCKED. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. It was so silent in there though, we heard a big thump on the bathroom floor! I finally opened the door and found Ellie dead on the bathroom floor. It was shocking. Blood was coming out of her eye and the statue was looking at her, right next to her.

Now we have moved and live in White City but I've never ever had or looked at a statue ever again even the word makes me cry. THANK YOU.

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