The Statue

by momo

About five years ago a young woman called Jess was baby sitting two children Matt and Lily. Matt and Lily had just finished their dinner and were about to go to bed and every thing was very calm.

At about 11.00pm Jess called the parents of the two children and asked if she could cover up the disturbing clown statue. The dad of the two children said very truthfully to get the children go next door and ring the cops. So she did as she was told when she got next door she rang the cops and the cops said were on the way. Jess rung the parents back and said why do we have to go next door.

The dad said that the children had been complaining of seeing children in their sleep but the Mum and Dad blamed it on nightmares, "...and you know when you asked to cover up the clown statue?"


"Well, we don't have a clown statue. It means the children have accidentally bought a clown statue or it is a real clown."

It was in fact a dwarf that had been living in the house for some time and he was actually a serial killer who would run around in a clown costume scaring and then killing people with all manner of sort of weapons.

And that is the story of the statue...

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