The Story That Became True

by Kaitlyn

This happened to me along time ago but I still remember everything. I used to write all of the time. I once wrote an amazing story when I was 12 about a girl collecting dolls.

The girl went camping with her family and her dog was killed then shortly after that she died. I made the girls ideas and stuff over my own sister thinking I could finally show her my stories without her falling a sleep. I showed her the story and I really regret it. She told me it was actually good. I was so happy!!

3 weeks later we went camping. I didn't think much of it because it was my sisters birthday and I got her a bunch of mini barbie dolls that she loves. Everyone got her some type of doll. She was so happy. We also brought Emily's dog with us. Emily loved that dog so much. Well, in the middle of the night we heard her dog yowl. I ran out of the tent and couldn't believe what I saw. Emily's dog was tied up to a tree with its jaw ripped off and its stomach cut open. We left that same night. Not long after that Emily kept coming into my room telling me that something or somebody was after her. I began to get scared, by then I forgot about the story I wrote.

Late one night I heard someone try to open my door. I thought it was Emily and went to answer it. There was a black figure holding my sisters body. It gave her to me and told me "You have a special gift, please use it wisely or this will happen again." I never cried so much in my life. I never told anyone about it and I stopped writing horror stories. I will never forget my sisters face lying in my small arms. I say this has scarred me for life.

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