The Strange Creature Asked For Bread

by vivek tiwari
(new delhi , india)

Hey guys,

I am sharing my incident to you... I was of 7-8 years then and was in my village. In my village people normally used to have their dinner and go to bed early after evening. I used to sleep with my grandma.

In the night when I was sleeping beside my grandma I just felt that someone was holding my hand and shaking it. I woke up and could not see anything because it was dark.

Then slowly in the dim light of a lantern I saw a creature with four legs and hairs all over its body. Its mouth was like a monkey but its size was very big. I was filled with great fear and terror... I was so terrorized that I could not even try to release my hands and scream.

I was lying on the bed with my heart beating like any thing. The sound of his breath was really heavy... then suddenly he spoke... to my surprise he asked for some roti (it's Indian bread made of wheat flour). He said "give me some bread I will not hurt you". My grandma was sleeping and I was so frightened that I could not wake her up.

After some minutes he released my hands and walking on his four legs disappeared from there. Then I started crying but I was so frightened that I was unable to weep properly... my grandma and whole family woke up and started asking what happened... I told them everything... they consoled me that it was a bad dream.

After that for one month I had a regular fever every day which stopped after a lot of treatment, but it took nearly one month...

I really don't know what it was and nobody believed me. I am 24 now but I still remember that incident and could not figure out what was that... but really I am very true, that it wasn't a dream.

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