The Stranger In My House

by James

I'm going to begin by saying that this is real. I'm not joking and friends and family have seen this too. I'm 23 years old and my name is James.

My story starts about a month ago on my porch at about ten at night. Someone drove very slowly down my road, which isn't unusual and stopped right in front of my house in the road. I just sat there watching them. The road is lit by street lights and I live in a small town in Alabama just to clarify. I don't know if they saw me because my porch is dark, but they stopped and opened the door and had what looked like a 2 liter bottle in their hands. They poured it right on the road, waited a moment, and slowly drove off.

Now that is strange as hell but it gets stranger from here on.

After they leave I walk out to the spot in the road and look at what they poured out and it looked like green snot or some type of slime and smelled strange. I know I'm stupid and shouldn't have, but I sorta poked my finger in it and it was gooey and creamy. I wiped it off on some grass and went back inside.

After that I didn't think anything about it and went to bed. Well the next few nights were met with strange noises coming from my kitchen like things falling and rolling around. I live in southern Alabama so I keep my doors locked mind you plus I don't own pets. Well things like bottles of medicine were placed in different spots from where I had them and the fridge door was open one morning.

Well that's how it started, but now its getting serious.

The past week late at night I have been seeing this little man about 3 foot tall maybe - GOD this sounds crazy - IN MY HOUSE AT NIGHT!!! I know I'm not crazy because my friends have seen glimpses of him too, like the other night my friend and I got drunk because of all this crap and I just wanted some relief. As we were watching a zombie movie called Last of the Living my friend looked at me and said... "seriously?"

I said "What man?" and he points to the hallway where the thing is just standing there naked looking at us.

I'm drunk as hell and really at this point with my buddy there I don't really care anymore. I go "Yea that's the guy that messes with my shit at night." I looked at him and said "Hey little buddy can you speak?" and boom; like a dog after a car he turns around and runs down the hall into my spare bedroom and I heard the closet door slam!

My buddy thinks it's cool but I don't like it at all and it scares the shit out of me.

I haven't told many people cause what the hell would they think but if anyone believes me and can tell me what it is I would be forever grateful. I've Googled it and the only thing I can find is aliens and I know that's now what this is. Please help my email is Thank you.

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