The Tale of The Price of Immortallity

by Sarah DIngman
(Vicksburge, MI, USA)

the begining of Izebela's adventures in Vampireism

the begining of Izebela's adventures in Vampireism

It was as normal as it could be, a simple task. However, I had always been distracted. It was always that brutal.

I was supposed to return a lamp my mother bought to an old shop. It was simple enough. Until, that is, I saw it - the amulet.

It was gold with a sapphire gem inside, a moon there in the center. I had to admit, it was beautiful... hypnotizing... not for sale. (And if it was, it would be way out of my price range.)

so, naturally, I did the only thing I could think to do. I'm not proud of it, but I just... had to. I had to take it. The store didn't have any cameras anyway.

After turning in the lamp, I hurried and ran out of the store. 'What have I done?' I wondered. I, Izebela, never even did anything. Ever.

And, above all, I never stole.

What was it about this gem that made me want it? That night, I was at my library reading the usual material when a strange boy sat next to me. "That necklace, where did you get it?" he said, his voice like silver.

"What necklace?" I didn't even put it on that day, yet I felt it, right there on my neck, the cold metal there. "Im-imposible..."

"You stole that, didn't you? I suppose I will let you at least keep it. For a price."

"what? Are you saying this is yours?"

"No... it's yours. Now. Do you know what it does?"

"What are you saying? I'm leaving, crazy man."


I froze. "How did..."

He smiled crookedly. "Are you going to listen now, Izebela?"

His voice called me. "Fine. Weirdo."

He frowned. "That moon is a gem of Selene. It can summon her children, the living dead."

"Living dead? You mean like zombies?"

He laughed. "No, no... don't be silly." His eyes seemed to glow. "Vampire."

I laughed. "Okay, now I really don't believe you, creepy!"

He frowned. "Are you mocking me? You will be sorry."

"If this thing summons vampires, where are they, huh?"

He frowned. "Look before you and the answer is yours."

"You?" I kept myself from laughing. "You?"

"Yes. My name is Domenico. You summoned me with that necklace, little girl. Now... what is it you are wanting most in the world? Power? Money? Beauty? Love?"

"None of the above. I don't desire a thing."

"Not a thing?"


"Then do you want friends? To belong to something above you?" he paused, and his silver voice melted to a romantic gold. " live forever?"

"Is this a cult you're speaking of?"

"No...a proposition. I will find you, Miss Izebela."

"Oh, really? Good luck."

"You will join us. Because of your greed. The lady Selene could never have children so, on her death bed, she allowed her only love to drink her blood, and use it to turn humans into our kind. You will join our family, Izebela."


Then, later that night, I would breathe my last breathe when Domenico visited my chamber, then left with out a sound with my corpse.

What happens next? Wait for the next issue...

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