The Tapping On The Window

by Blake Essex

I was sitting down in my dining room with my laptop watching Youtube and eating some chips for a while when I heard tapping on the window. I wouldn't look up because of two things. One was that I was watching my favorite Youtuber. Two I was afraid of what could be there at 12:31 am.

So for a while I just sat there in my chair hearing the constant tapping over and over. Everything in my body told me to look up and see what it was, but I knew that if I did it might be worse then if I never looked. So I waited for a while until my parents returned home. I saw the lights out of the front widow (I was in the back of the house) so I knew they would be here in 30-45 seconds. I said what the hell I want to see what it is.

Why the hell was I so stupid?

I looked up and saw what I could only describe at the time as me from the past with my hair color and cut along with pale skin like me. Then I looked into its eyes and stopped and stared. His eyes were pure black everywhere, even where the white part thing is supposed to be.

Only when my parents pulled into the drive way I looked away then back but he was gone. I looked him up and it brought me here and I know it was a black eyed kid. After I did that I had to share my story. I am now see specks of black in my eye.

- Blake Essex 14

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