The Things I See

by Kaitlyn Washington
(USA Memphis Tennessee)

All my life, even as a baby, I remember things and see things. It's demons and angels or ghosts. One time I even thought I saw God.

I had dreams about things unexplainable, trying to give me a sign. Sadly, I could not figure it out. I kept having dreams about Hell and Heaven. It scares me. Never in my life would I want to see a demon. But I did.

One night at the age of 7, I have this colorful fish tank. It kept changing colors by itself. There was a switch, and to change the colors, we had to turn it. Sooner or later, all the fish had died, even my favorite fish that I had named Shrimp. It was so cute. It had a small body but a big tail. After That night, I had this dream. It was weird and funny at first, but then I heard a voice. A hellish voice. It said: "Your time is almost up. Die.Die.Die."

I kept hearing it all over again and again and again. I was in a van and we were driving up to a graveyard. We crashed. I soon was in a coma at the hospital. Then I was a reddish blackish man but I could not see his face. Beside him was a bright figure that had wings. They were fighting.

When both of them got to me I saw the black figure reach out to me. Then it said: "Die you worthless bitch."

After that, I woke up. I was crying and I couldn't stop. I didn't go back to sleep, I kept myself up with my tablet and splashing water on my face and eating a bit.

All these years I was pushed by things. Humans. But most of all Demons. I'm really scared. I take my cross with me everywhere I go. But I always get a happy feeling that something good is with me. Like a heavenly thing that made me feel safe.

Now I am 11yrs old and my birthday is April 12 2002. I still see the demons, but the Angels still protect me .

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