The Track

by Alex

This happened during my middle school, when I was in 8th grade, in PE.

In October, we were out on the soccer field playing flag football. We were practicing throwing and catching the ball. My partner threw the football a bit too hard and it landed in the track (which is right next to the field).

We went to get it and felt something tap my shoulder. I asked my friend, "What?" Cause I thought she tapped my shoulder. She didn't.
Then she asked me, "Did you tap my shoulder?" I said no.

We went back on the soccer field and looked at the track, only to see a girl around our age walking around it.

In the middle of March we had to run the mile. When we were done we walked the opposite direction and saw the same girl. She was softly singing a strange song. It went something like this:

"La,la. La,la. Someone be friends with me. La,la. La,la. Or I won't be happy. La,la. La,la. I'm actually very nice and mostly very glad. La,la. La,la. But sometimes I'm very sad."

When we got into the locker room I asked some classmates if they saw her. They said no.

On the last day of school my friend and I saw the girl again. She was walking the track. We decided to follow her. She was singing that song, again. Then she stopped and said, "Thanks for noticing me, you two."

My friend and I got scared. We turned around and saw some of our other friends. They asked us "What are you guys doing?"

I said," Following this girl."

"What girl?"

When I turned around, the girl was gone.

So, is my middle school haunted? I'm still a little freaked out by it.

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