The True Story of a Haunted School

by Deanna

This is a true story. It is actually happening right now, every day as I go to school. It happens at school. Enjoy.

Every recess my friends and I played on the stage. It is in a dark gym, and even with the lights on it's dark. (No windows.) We told ghost stories. Scary, funny, fake, we told them all. With the lights off and the stage curtains closed. It's wasn't really that bad, that is until after a week. We had been hearing bumping noises. Every time we threw ourselves to turn on the lights. Then, as we left the stage, we saw things. A dark shadow of a girl, a mist over the gym, and a hand, ghostly white.

So we tried to never go in there again. Well, that was fine, we managed. Our theory: the stage was haunted, that was it. NO. There is an old,- and we think- abandoned house. There is a car in the driveway, the front all smashed up. Three windows, one on the bottom, two on the top. In the top left, we saw a girl, black hair and ghostly face. 'Blink' It's gone! That wasn't all. We ran to the baseball field. Then we went back. And we literally could not stop. Something was dragging us over!

'Ring' saved by the bell. We looked at the stage walking to the classroom, and guess what we saw? A white hand, dripping blood! The next recess, we were drawn over again. And it wasn't windy. 'Snap' a huge branch of the tree nearest the house had snapped! And then my friend started saying "I'm not scared./ I'm not scared." She almost went into the house! So we dragged, literally dragged, her away. Then the bell rang, and she started acting like normal. This is still happening today, (in fact, it happened these past weeks) and we are freaked. We're also not acting good away from the school, headaches, no hunger, starving. Can you help us?

This is a true story. I swear. :( This may sound cheesy, but it is real. Help

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