The Unicorn Of Heatherbridge Hill

by Unicorn

"Once up on Heatherbridge Hill, I saw a Unicorn." said Jess's grandpa. "But there is no such things as unicorns!" protested Jess. Her grandpa told her the story of the Heatherbridge Unicorn. A silver legend with pure white mane and tail, a glinting golden horn. That is how the unicorn was described.

It happened one night when Jess's grandpa was only a boy. Edward, he was called. Well, Edward left his home to go to Heatherbridge Hill, where his mother's spirit was. His mother had died in childbirth. So he went up the hill to talk to her. Suddenly the moonlight grew brighter, and Edward lost focus, tumbling down the hill.

A great silver unicorn with mahogany colored hooves came galloping down the hill towards him. It scooped him up and carried him far from Heatherbridge. Across the country until the unicorn, Winter, stopped at Land's End.

"We can't go further, Winter." Edward protested. "Nonsense," Winter replied, "I can show you the world." And in that moment, Edward found himself riding up a rainbow path with Winter. "Stop! Winter, I forgot to tell you. I'm afraid of heights!"

"You are no higher than your mother is, Edward. I can take you to her. You can stay with your mother then." And with that, Winter vanished, and Edward slid home on the rainbow path.

"How was that for a story then, Jess?" Grandpa chuckled. Jess still sat, looking bewildered. The next night Jess went up to Heatherbridge Hill. Winter was there, trapped by ropes, being held by hunters. "Help me." Winter said to Jess. Jess marched up to the hunters and said " That's my Unicorn your messin with!" The hunters were terrified. "Thank you."said Winter. Then he disappeared. Jess ran home. "Grandpa! Grandpa! I saw Winter!" But he was gone.

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