The Upstairs Steps

by Taylor

One day I brought three of my friends to my house. My grandma says it's over 100 years old. We had fun watching Netflix and eating pizza. Then we went to bed. After a few hours we heard someone walking down the upstairs steps. (Which is in the living room where we were sleeping.) All of us were awake and looking at each other. "RaeAnne get off the stairs". We whispered as we saw she wasn't there. We waited but didn't hear her reply. Then we all jumped as she said "What I was going to the bathroom". We turned the other way. She was standing there looking sleepy. We thought it a coincidence and went to sleep. But all through the night we heard the stairs creaking. When I woke up we all were in different places. I was in my mom's room. Megan was in the hall. Sam was in the dining room and Raeanne in the bathroom.

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