The Visitor

by Katie Chyma

I was about eight or nine then, pretty young, but then again I never heard of the word 'paranormal', so it never occurred to me that what I saw wasn't possibly real.

My mom would take me to a park when I was young, and she would sit down on the bench and tell me not to go too far, but i usually went too far.

Well one of those days when my mother took me to the park there was this guy sitting on the merry-go-round, so i went over, and sat down next to him, and asked, who are you? He turned to me, and said, "I am the visitor". I didn't understand him, but he didn't feel as if he was a threat. The weird thing about it was, when he said it he disappeared.

A few years went by. I was 13 when I saw the guy again, but this time he was on my bus. I asked the bus driver if he was a new kid, but she said what kid? I couldn't understand, because he was sitting right there, how could she not see him, he was in plain sight?

I went and sat down next to him in the seat, and asked what do you want? He looked to me, yet he said nothing, but his stare dug down deep into me. Then he disappeared yet again.

I know am 14, and I haven't seen the guy for awhile, but that doesn't mean he won't come back again?

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