The White Hand

by Faria C

So, I'm one of those sentimental teens who is a bit of a pack-rat, cries/laughs/smiles/pouts at anything, but I'm not a person who's cpnsidered to be impractical. Just an FYI.

So this one day, I invited my friend over to pull an all-nighter together, and we were in the living room on the main floor, gossiping and making fun of each other's embarrassing moments. And then, while my friend was telling me a story about how she fell on her butt while stepping out of the city bus that morning, I saw the strangest thing I'd ever seen in my whole life--all seventeen years of it.

My friend's back was to the window, and since I was facing her, I could see it clearly, it was half blocked by her back. Outside the window--and this was at about 11:30 (or something) pm--half of a man's eery face appeared. It was almost paler than CHALK, and he barely had eyes, they were BLACK, like he had no pupils. And the rest of his face was still behind the window. While I sat there frozen, in shock, a pale, PALE bony hand and reached inside. I'd had NO IDEA that that window had been wide open. Then I passed out.

When I regained consciousness, my friend told me I'd "fainted." I told her what I'd seen, and at that point my mom came downstairs. My friend told me I must've been way too tired and hallucinating because of it. But she closed the window--just to reassure me, I guess. When I walked over to it with her, I saw that the glass of the window had a very bony hand print on it--and the window had been open when I'd seen the man's eyes and white hand.

I have no idea if my friend was right or if I really did see that creepy man(that friend is still the only one who knows about the incident, not even my mom does), but ever since, I keep feeling like I'm being watched whenever I'm by myself. I really hope it's not paranoia I'm experiencing, but it could be. Ever since that incident, my friends and family have noticed major changes in me, but all I've noticed are eyes ON me...

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