The Woods

by bethan

It all began on 11/06/2010... There was me and a couple of my close friends at my home. We were all bored so we decided to go camping at our local woods. We packed all our stuff like flash lights, sleeping bags, food and so on and we began our long 3 mile trek. It was still sunny I looked at my watch and it was around 8:00 o'clock. We were halfway there so we were lucky we had a bit of time till dark approached.

We finally arrived at the woods which also has a little camping area and a bench for us to sit around and have a laugh. We all put our tents up set our beds ready (even though I didn't have any sleep that night.)

It was around 9:30; we were all settled having a good laugh with each other when all of a sudden we heard a loud BANG. It was a bit strange because we knew there was no houses or roads nearby. We took the public pathway and that is the only way... we were freaked out but ignored it. An hour past it was pitch black - the only light was our fire and flash lights.

The next thing we heard was a SNAP like someone stood on a branch. It was very close. We all stayed quiet and we heard a SCREAM. It wasn't normal. We packed all our stuff up and ran fast but it felt like someone was chasing us. We looked behind and we all saw this tall thing following us. We screamed like Hell knowing no one could hear us. We kept running and we looked behind and it was gone. I know from horror films - DON'T STOP!!! So we carried on.

We came to an open footpath and walked fast, aware of everything around us when we heard a continuous scream getting closer behind us. We looked and it was freaky. It was a man. I dropped everything - I didn't care and I was not going to be face to face to this weirdo - no way. We must have been running for about 60 minutes when we came to a street about 1 mile from my house. We saw light and people in their houses but still didn't feel safe. We started to walk normal and felt everything fade like the fear of that strange thing in the woods. That night I'll never forget EVER!!!!!!!!

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