The Worst Birthday EVER

by Numair
(New York City)

Okay, well, it was my 7th birthday. Even back then, I believed in ghosts. So, as a birthday present, my mom found a haunted house, more than a century old. I went on a tour of the house. I had heard of fake haunted houses before, and I thought this was one of those. I had no idea how wrong I was.

So I entered the house. Automatically, something pinched me, but I ignored it, since I thought it was a bug bite. Then I made the mistake of looking into the cellar. I saw the most horrible creature ever imagined. It had no skin, had four horse hooves, the head of a goat, and the long, leathery wings of a pterodactyl. I quickly ran back to the tour group. As soon as I got there, we heard scratching in the attic, and we went to investigate. As soon as we got there, we saw a diorama of the town, but it was missing a few buildings.

Suddenly, a tour member fell down and closed his eyes. Then he opened his eyes, but purple fumes floated out of them. He said some sort of magical chant, and then disappeared into thin air. The entire tour ran out of the house. When we exited the house, I shook the tour guide's hand, but made no contact with any skin. So I realized that I probably hadn't run from the ghost, but had been running to the ghost!

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