Those Screams Aren't Human

by MJ

Although this did not happen to me it is a true story told to me by one of my relatives. And I will say even though I believe in demons as I am a Christian, I have never had an experience with one and never wish to. But this story still scared the crap out of me despite the fact nothing like this has ever happened to me personally.

It was late December in Sydney Australia when my relative, Ross, moved house with his mom (his dad had died when he was younger.) All was going well until about after a week of living in the house. Ross started hearing footsteps down the hallways, but he dismissed the idea because it was an old house and everyone knows old houses creak like crazy.

Nothing much happened apart from the footsteps for a couple more weeks.

Until one night, and this is totally true bearing in mind, he heard a blood curdling scream in the night. It was so loud he knew that it couldn't possibly be outside. The screaming was coming right from inside the house. It went on throughout the night until the mourning. His mom had also heard it also.

Thankfully the screaming stopped for a couple of weeks, until it started up again, so loud that they called the police.

The police came and found out the screaming was coming from underneath the house, like someone was trapped under the floor, but there was no possible way that they could get to whoever it was screaming.

Eventually after a few attempts at getting underneath the house, they gave up. The screaming still continued, as Ross explained, "like someone was beside themselves with terror."

The police stayed until early mourning, they had called in other police units, but this had proved useless. Eventually the police began to leave. As one officer left he turned to speak to Ross apologising that they could do nothing about the screaming. What he said next chilled Ross to the bone "those screams aren't human."

This half of the story I hardly believe myself, so I would not be offended if you thought I was making up totally crap. Basically Ross and his mom came to the conclusion it was a demon. Calling up to other boys he knew Ross and his mom and the two boys stood outside the house with their Bibles and read out of them praying aloud (that bit's believable).

But as they began to pray, one last scream erupted through the house and a gust of wind blew open the top bedroom windows open. And that was it. The screaming in the night was gone.

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