Through the T.V.

by Elizabeth Bolen

One day I had went to my room to try and talk to God. My mom had told me talking to God would most likely help the way I have been feeling, the thoughts I was thinking and the nasty ways that I have been acting. So I sat on my bed. Lights on, upper body leaning against my head board and my legs laid straight out in front of me with my hands together in my lap.

I don't know how I do it, but I can make my body go into a state that feels almost as if it's paralyzed, head to toe. Maybe that's meditation? I have no clue. But I can't get out of it by making myself move, I have to tell myself to. If that makes any sense. Once I slowly got myself to the point where I couldn't move I began to talk in my mind to God. Staring and focusing on one spot, which just so happened to be my TV that showed my reflection since it was turned off.

I wasn't really expecting a reply or a sign that God could hear me. But as I kept talking about my troubles, my feelings I could hear a voice in my head other than my own talking back. A normal conversation. What scared me was as this conversation was going on and I was staring into my TV it looked as though I was rocking a baby back and forth very fast in my arms. Violently. So violent my whole body was shaking in the reflection. I will not deny, it scared the living shit out of me. I snapped myself out of it but then told myself I can't be scared if I want to see. So I fell back into it. Staring at the TV again.

A while went by and I didn't see my reflection doing anything out of the norm. But then all of a sudden in the TV I see a hand reach up, above my head and slowly reached and picked up a piece of my hair. I felt it. I tried to hurry and snap myself out of it again. As soon as I did I ran into my moms room crying. Telling her what had happened. She then noticed, because I was wearing shorts that I had scratch marks up and down my knees.

This wasn't the only time I've seen things, nor was it the only time I felt something touch me. But however, this was the first time marks were left on me. This happened about a year and a half ago. I haven't seen anything since. Then again, I haven't tried to bother with the whole body numbing, paralyzing thing again either. But I do feel a presence. I have to sleep with my back up against the wall in order to feel as though nothing is hovering over me.

I know it isn't much of a scary story. But to me, seeing it with my own eyes, feeling something being done to me through a TV screen and not in what we call real life was scary enough for me.

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