Thumps and Screams Within the Walls

by cara
(Nampa idaho usa)

We lived in a newer 2 story home we had purchased for 4 years. As the years past strange things started happening in the home. The house was slowly falling apart(literally rotting). The plumbing stopped working, the drywall from the ceiling in the bonus room fell down, the doors were on backward, the carpets were filthy. You could hear screams and chains from within the walls.

Then my daughter had the TV off and looked into the reflection of it and on the ceiling fan could see a winged creature taunting her. When she looked directly at the fan she could not see it. At night you could hear loud banging in the stairwell, and when we looked there was no one there. We checked on the kids they were all asleep.

My daughter's boyfriend decided to conduct an experiment, he had a video baby monitor and set it up. They could see demons through out the house with it, we moved out and another family bought it and may have lived in it for 1 yr. It's been vacant now for 5 years.

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