Tiffani and the Unicorn

There once was a young farmer's daughter named Tiffani who was very kind and very pretty with long curly brown hair. One day she found a baby bird lost, she picked it up and looked for its parents. Finding none she took the bird home and cared for it.

When the bird was full grown Tiffani took the bird to the roof to teach it how to fly. As soon as she let the bird go it flew away. That night the bird came back except instead of being tan like it was the bird was gold. The bird said that she was grateful for her kindness and in return granted her a wish. Tiffani being a farmers daughter had a simple wish, a horse, for her family had none. But the bird gave her better,a beautiful white horse with a horn on the center of her head.

As the horse grew up Tiffani cared for her and they became the best of friends. One day the unicorn got scared and broke out of her pen. Tiffani was heart broken.

A less kindhearted man took advantage of her sadness and comforted her later they married and had a kid.

One day Tiffani was walking alone in the forest that the unicorn was in, the unicorn ran to reunite with her friend. Tiffani's husband changed her when the unicorn came to her. She yelled at the unicorn and called her an ugly creature. The unicorn was very sad and went into hiding.

The unicorn had foals and her foals had foals but because of Tiffani who broke the first unicorn's heart no unicorn no unicorn approached a woman who was not a maid even if they knew her when she was a maid.

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