Tiny Hands

I have always had paranormal experiences as a child. One that affected me the most was this one.

I was sleeping alone in my cousin's house because my grandma was in the hospital so it was only me and my aunt. She had recently moved into a 12 room house that used to be a small children's hospital and then a physics office. I was trying to sleep in a room that had a sliding glass door that lead into the back. It was raining hard that night and I found myself with a very eerie feeling as if something was watching me. I looked at the window and saw a little girl standing outside in the rain. Her eyes were all black and she seemed to take notice that I was watching her.

She walked over to the window and started tapping on it. Then I saw more of them. I was in immense fear and started feeling as though i was being stabbed multiple times. Many black eyed grey children started pounding on the door. I covered my head with a blanket and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning the curtains were closed and the sun was out. I opened the window (note that I told myself the experience I had had was a dream) and saw many small handprints on there. Since then I haven't gone to their house again.

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