by Leo Perez
(La Feria, Texas)

She took her noon nap as usual right next to the man she's been married to for years, same typical routine which involved him getting up from the noon nap to go to the bathroom, only to return and sleep on the opposite direction. This time however it was different, he took longer then usual to get back, but when he returned to spoon with her his hands explored her like a sailor in a new world.

Surprised, she did not move one bit, she enjoyed the electricity of his touch giving her innocent goosebumps on her arms and legs, she felt a desire which she thought long died years ago. Hot and in need of more she turns from her spooning position, not to see her husband caressing her, but the psychotic man who was wearing her husband's skinned face, smiling at her now horrified screams echoing through the house.

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