Train Ride

by Daisy

Yesterday my best friend and I got on a train in Connecticut going up to New Haven. The car we got on was full of people, and no seats so we kept walking. We went about four cars down and at the last car, I looked to my left and saw a man sitting there with scary black eyes. I was so startled I almost fell. A panic took over my body. We were going to go to the next car, but a nice man said here you can sit here and gave us two seats.

We were about 5 seats behind this black eyed man. I whispered to my friend asking her if she saw what I saw and she said no I didn't. So she got up to use the "bathroom" and saw it also. We both prayed after this.

The whole train ride we were both getting bad vibes. I knew something was not right. And this man kept looking at us through the glass. I was bugging out. Our stop was almost there so we got up to get off, and he kept staring at us. I tried not to look at him because his eyes were so big and black and creepy creepy. It looked like they were popping out of his head. I just wanted to get off the train.

Weirdest part was he got off at our stop. I made my friend take a pic of him so we had proof. But when he got up close to us his eye color changed to a light brown. I think he knew we were taking pictures of him.

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