Tree Ghost

by Isha Kalia
(female, ballabgarh, haryana, india)

My dad is from Punjab. He always talks about his silly things to me, but a few years ago he told me something that was sooooo horrible.

After my dad's wedding he went to my mother's childhood home. When he reached it, there was a tree which had its roots in that house. My grandmother told my dad that a mohomdan baba lived in this house. My dad made fun of the baba that night and said "YES HE WILL COME THIS NIGHT!" After saying these words my dad just lied down on his bed.

After 5 minutes my dad felt that someone was on his body and saying that now how will you go somewhere from my hands... My dad was trying to wake up but he couldn't. The next morning my dad told the tree he was sorry.

I was so shocked! How did he listen to my dad's voice and from where that came??? This is so horrible. From that day I never make fun of any old house where some baba lived.

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