Two Different Nights

by Maria Contreras
(Cedar Falls, IA,50613)

One night, I was in the bathroom getting ready to straighten my hair for the next day. I had to grab a brush from my room when all of the sudden the vacuum outside of my room started up. I saw that my dog was with me and couldn't have started the vacuum, so I looked around the hall and didn't see anything unusual except that the vacuum switch was flipped up when I remember flipping the switch down. My mom had to unplug the vacuum.

Another night I woke up one night at 1 am and went out into the living room. I sat down on our big couch in the corner and started reading when the noises started. There was footsteps in the basement that sounded like big stomps that came up the steps. Then when the footsteps came to the top of the stairs, I could hear the doorknob start to make noises like it was being opened. After the noises stopped, my mom came out and saw me on the couch with a pale white face. She later told me that she heard the noises and thought that I had turned on the tv.

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