Two Encounters with a Black Eyed Male

by Frank

I would like to say from the start that what I saw could simply be a guy with contact lenses, but I have been wanting to share this story with someone for weeks.

It first happened about a month ago. It was around 8:15 in the morning. Good clear day. I had a short walk from my house to where I wait for my lift to work.

I had only walked a short distance where there is a crossing like a little traffic island and a tall young man with dark hair came crossing over to my side of the road. Nothing unusual so far. He had his head down as he approached and I did notice that he seemed agitated. Then, just for a few seconds I looked at his eyes.

He had lifted his head enough for me to clearly see that his eyes were completely black, from corner to corner. He was also painfully thin. Then he was off in the opposite direction to me. I felt no fear. Just a sense of curiosity and a little excitement.

I never thought it would happen again, but it did.

A little over a week later and at pretty much the same time in the morning, at the same place there he was. He was wearing a grey suit and black tie. Something else I noticed this time was his walk. His right leg at the knee kind of had a jerky movement. Again he kind of tensed when sensing me. I couldn't help but look at his eyes again. Still completely black. One side of his body was lulling to one side. And he gave me a sideways glance. It was very strange. He squinted at me as if trying to get the measure of me or something. And then it was over.

I have not seen him since.

Anyway. I just wanted to share this and I hope others can share their experiences. Thank you.

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